Measuring User Happiness

Tomer Sharon
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This is not your typical book. It does not include lengthy chapters filled with fluff often surrounding market research-focused satisfaction ratings. Instead, I want to help you create better products by changing how you measure success or failure and providing you with practical knowledge and techniques to effectively measure happiness.

This is a mixed-format course that combines text, video, audio, and imagery. It provides an actionable, enjoyable, and no-nonsense way to learn about measuring user happiness. You'll find great examples throughout the program and finish it with a self-evaluation that includes useful and detailed explanations behind each answer after submitting it. Once submitted, you'll receive a course completion certificate.

People consider happiness to be a quality of life that is more important than having a meaningful life or even becoming rich. Happiness manifests itself as a pleasurable physical, digital, or human-to-human product and service experience. Ignorance, immaturity, and controversy affect why happiness is measured, what is being measured, and how. Happiness has become a hot topic in boardrooms and living rooms everywhere.

This is a book by Tomer Sharon. I have been working as a user researcher for the past 20 years, including 7 years at Google, most of them on Search. I have come up with and created systems for measuring the user experience as Head of UX at WeWork and Head of User Research & Metrics at Goldman Sachs. I have advised hundreds of companies and organizations all over the world (even the United Nations) about user research and measurement and published two books: Validating Product Ideas (2016) and It's Our Research (2012).

This is an opinionated book. I only cover topics I have significant first-hand experience with. The intended audience for this book and program are small business owners, product managers, startup founders, designers, researchers, customer success specialists, CX practitioners, strategists, and anyone who cares about measuring outcomes rather than outputs, data over opinions, and facts rather than intuition. If you are currently involved in digital transformation, redesign, design thinking, or creating a new product, this book is a must.


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How does this work?

DAY 1: Welcome and goals

DAY 2: What is happiness?

DAY 3: The value of measuring happiness

DAY 4: The problem with NPS

DAY 5: The problem with measuring sentiment

DAY 6: The problem with measuring happiness out of context

DAY 7: Principles of measuring happiness

DAY 8: Trade-offs and compromises

DAY 9: Mistakes in measuring happiness

DAY 10: Happiness metric 1: Satisfaction score

DAY 11: Happiness metric 2: Satisfied users

DAY 12: Happiness metric 3: aNPS

DAY 13: Take action 1: Set goals

DAY 14: Take action 2: Frown upside down

DAY 15: Take action 3: Evaluate the success of a change

DAY 16: Happiness measurement tip 1: Start small

DAY 17: Happiness measurement tip 2: Learn why

DAY 18: Happiness measurement tip 3: Simplify

DAY 19: Systemic happiness measurement

DAY 20: Evaluate yourself

About Tomer Sharon


Is this book good for a beginner dipping the toes into happiness measurement?

Absolutely. I start from the basics and take it from there. It's my opinionated perspective of the most important aspects of measuring happiness and how I think about it (which is not exactly how others do). I am a strong believer in simplicity, minimalism, and taking a straightforward approach to experience measurement. My approach dictates how I write about it. This book and program are designed for beginners who want to launch a measurement program as well as savvy product managers who feel they need to refocus their efforts.

What's the refund policy?

If what you see is not what you expected, just reply to the download email within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Can I share this book with my team?

This version is for individual use only, but you can also get a team license to share within your team, class, or organization.

Praise from others

"Simplicity and effectiveness are gold nowadays. 'Measuring User Happiness' by Tomer Sharon is all about that! Essential for any product or service team!"

- Luca Dell’Orletta, Global Head of Mobile Applications and Products, Nestlé Group

"Tomer Sharon’s crash course makes high-standard user research methods and practice more accessible than ever. The daily summarized content is adjusted to our depleting attention spans, and despite the many distractions we are facing daily, it shines in its genuine quality."

- Yonatan Dubinsky, User Researcher, Microsoft

"This program provides an ideal intro or refresher on the fundamentals of happiness and satisfaction measurement. Easily carried out, the daily learnings provide useful, bite-sized, and digestible nuggets on the topic. I found this to be highly engaging and will be looking out for future follow-up programs."

- Dr. Tim Dixon, Senior UX Researcher, Atlassian

"NPS score: 10 — highly recommended. Tomer’s daily lessons provide daily, bite-sized information and tips that are packed with thought and insight. Tomer simplifies (and clarifies) concepts so much so that I am mobilized into action. Suited for all levels of those who research."

- Past program participant

"The information is rich and easy to understand and provides a good grounding for this kind of research. It's given me the impetus to employ these methods in my work. The medium of delivery was excellent and it made learning very convenient. Definitely recommend this program."

- Past program participant

"This course was simple, easy to follow, but effective. I expected to already know most of the theory, but then I was surprised by the practical examples. Would love a follow-up course by Tomer!"

- Past program participant

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Measuring User Happiness

3 ratings
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